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Home, every person living on our enormous planet, Earth, understands this word in his/her own way. For one, it is a cozy apartment, for another it is the city where she or he was born, and some people perceive the whole country or the whole planet as their home.

Our ancestors put a lot in the concept of the home. Thus, according to the Bible the ark that saved Noah from the flood, became his home, and for the rest — a symbol of life, of a new, better civilization. If we make reference to the countless riddles, proverbs, sayings, for example, east or west home is best, home sweet, home, keep the home fires burning, my home is my castle an so on, we see that home symbolizes both the real and the spiritual world. Since the dawn of time, it was a talisman for man from the evil. Even a lot of the components of the inner and outer parts had their own special, not only domestic, but also spiritual purpose: the threshold, the stove, the window, etc.

Whatever our home is, a large country house, a cozy city apartment, a small bungalow or just a camper van, it protects us from the outside world, giving us a sense of security and safety. We associate it with the family nest where it is safe and secure.

Home is a symbol of both the Motherland and the family, and the continuity of generations, a symbol of childhood, spiritual memory. It is very important not to lose all this, and also to be able to build your own home, your own life.

I consider that home is the foundation on which our whole life is built, so it is very important for a person to feel comfortable, warm and good at home. At home you can always relax, get rest, gain strength and make important decisions.

Home is the place where any emotional wound is treated, the place where you are accepted for who you are.

Without a home there can be no inner harmony, which is always associated with a deep sense of home. A person without a sense of home as if does not live true life; life is postponed in this case.

Difference between home and house

So if we speak about home we should differentiate such notions as “home” and “house”. Both children and grown up people may use these words as synonyms and this is not right.

House is what you see in the street. It can be a block of flats, a bungalow, an office building, an abandoned house and so on. It’s not necessary that people live in this or that house. In this case we speak about it having in mind some type of building.  In other words, house is not always someone’s home.

Home is the place where you live. It can be anything. If you live in an apartment, then this is your home. And if you live in a tent or in a penthouse — that’s all you call home.

According to the oxford dictionary home is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household[1] and house is a building for human habitation, especially one that consists of a ground floor and one or more upper stores[2]. Thus first of all house is the building and home is the place of living.

The word “home” provides us with the feeling of warmth, comfort and security. Probably, a pragmatist or a man without a hint of romanticism would say that home is the structure where people live. Or this is the place where he/she lives specifically. But in reality, home is something more than walls, floor, ceilings, windows and doors. Although, of course, all these attributes are usually extremely important and present its physical side. Home is a place where you feel protected.

Sometimes you can own a building, you can come to it every day after study or work, but you do not feel comfortable there, even if it is a luxury penthouse or a large private house. Is it possible to call this place home in every sense of the word? I think – not. It’s a house, not home. And there are cases when a person is absolutely happy when he returns every day just to a small room in a hostel or a small apartment without all modern conveniences. But man feels comfortable there. There he/she feels safe, relaxed, confident and comfortable. And in this case – it is home.

Home reflects people’s character

Not only people can tell about their homes but homes can tell a lot about their owners as well. Home is our reflection, the reflection of our state, our inner world. This place is a whole universe, hidden in a small space, capable of telling about different interesting things regarding the life of the owners.

When we cannot organize our everyday life, our living, we are trying to escape from home to other places, looking for harmony, rest and happiness. But if there is no happiness and harmony at home you would hardly find these things in other places too. No matter how many times a week you return home and how many hours you spend there — its walls should be your fortress, your real support.

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There is no riddle in the fact that house as well as its condition affects the person. But the house is built by a human and all the inside accommodations are created by a human. So the person is fully responsible for his/her home.

Everything in our homes is filled with thoughts and feelings, and the walls absorb the energy of the people living in it like a sponge. Every detail: interior items, the color of the curtains, the arrangement of furniture, the lighting of the rooms — everything reflects the inner world of the inhabitant and tells about his/her character traits, worldviews, way of life. For instance, when we see a lot of old photographs, rare gizmos that dilute modern design in the apartment we can decide that the person who cherishes the memory of the ancestors and honoring family traditions lives here.

A folk wisdom says: «The gate shows the owner». So, if a person has permanent mess in the apartment, it means that he/she is unorganized, lazy and irresponsible. But when a person is disciplined, tidy, hardworking nature, the house is always kept clean and tidy.

Therefore, all things that we surround ourselves with are reflection of ourselves. Consequently, having estimated the home, its internal and external appearance, we can get information about the owner.

Home in our life

So, home plays an important role in the life of every person. Home is the place where any emotional wound is treated, the place where you are accepted for who you are.

Without a home there can be no inner harmony, which is always associated with a deep sense of home. A person without a sense of home as if does not live true life; life goes by in this case.

Unfortunately, home for many people becomes just a slug. But after all the most important moments of life happen at home. We build relationships, raise children, and become older at home.

Any person, especially a woman or a child needs home, the feeling of own home. Without this feeling of home, a person can easily fall ill, depressed and frustrated, without this feeling there can be no true harmony and inner comfort. Such a person does not seem to live but just exist; life is postponed for later. For a woman, home is her real kingdom, her universe. It is no coincidence that girls very often play houses in childhood. Probably, the desire to equip their homes is laid in them genetically; it’s like with birds — the need to build your own nest. For children, regardless of age, until they have their own family, home is the place where their parents live. And it is the responsibility of all parents to make home for their children a happy place. The climate that prevails at home plays a very important role for a child. If it is joyful and cozy at home, then the child will grow up with the right thoughts, because very often if the atmosphere in the house is bad and tense, the child is looking for comfort not among the native walls, but in the street and bad things may happen to him/her.

The theme of home is touched upon by many writers worldwide. The authors told us about different homes where various families live in their works. So, home helps the writers to describe their characters better, reveal their inner world, feelings and emotions.

Home is a place where human moral values, love for parents and a sense of responsibility for the actions are born and brought up. In childhood we often hear: “My home is my castle!” and it is not necessary that our home has thick walls and towers, but the main thing is that we feel comfort and warmth, support and protection there. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that a person may lose his/her home and then this person feels very miserable and unhappy.


The multiple concept of “home” allows us to speak of the unity of the small and the large, the ratio of the material and the spiritual, the external and the internal. Home is a huge responsibility. Home is the source of our strength and good emotions. People should treat it with respect and reverence and be careful not to defile own home with scandals, swearing and cursing, because all these negative things are deposited on its walls.

It depends on us what home we will have. Every day at your home can be happy and full of joy and delight, bring you satisfaction, and on the contrary the days here may be long and tense.

Our life starts at home and it is very important what it will be like, our beginning.

Of course, the outer world was and remains rather cruel and cool, so each person should have his/her own shelter, which will protect against all the troubles and failures. A good home is an excellent defense against this cruelty. It is the bridge between generations and contributes greatly to the preservation of traditions. It is impossible to overestimate the importance that we attach to our home. This place usually gives us comfort and safety; fence us off from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Here our family lives and friends gather. At home, we can fully be ourselves, freely express our individuality and thoughts.

One more expression, said by a great Russian writer, L.N. Tolstoy, comes to my mind in conclusion: “Happy is the person who is happy at home.” I fully agree with this expression and I wish everyone to be happy at home! A person who does not have home can hardly feel completely happy.

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