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The house of my dream

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Every person needs a house. It appears to be a place where one can always have a rest, restore a soul’s stability, dive into his favourite hobby or just do nothing relaxing on the bed. We should not forget that a house will be able to be called a “home” only in case it is really cosy and precious for a particular person. If a house deals with the building itself, a home means the inner world of the construction including the emotions people have under the roof. Even if a man possesses a house he usually dreams about different improvements or radical changes in it. I am not an exception and imagine the house of my dream in my mind. What does it look like?

Being a great admirer of the cottages I suppose my house is a double-storey mansion surrounded by the beautiful hedge of briar. The gates look like old-fashioned ones because they have elegant latches and a lot of decorations. Inside the gates there exists a small garden which is situated near the mansion. It is full of roses, orchids, forget-me-nots and daisies. Some trees like a pear tree and a plum one are also present there. Sometimes I visit this place to listen to the birds’ singing and in the seasons like autumn and spring it is a perfect picture of the nature’s awakening and falling asleep. Near the house there is a doghouse. Here my sheepdog guards the house at night and dozes during a day.

Talking about the house itself it must be taken into consideration that I have two balconies with original windows. They consist of the glass of different colours – from green to orange. The outer door is decorated with the same kinds of the glass but has a door bell as well.

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Getting inside the dwelling one can notice the style of the old times. There are many candles despite the electrical lamps and a huge mantelpiece with china figures. The fire fills the room with its mild light even if the weather is very nasty and wet. I have two comfortable chairs before it to watch the fire and to think about life and death. Here my friends accompany me during the long winter evenings or summer’s storms.

Kitchen and a store room are situated on the basement too but they are seldom used. Only if I need to cook something or change the clothes of one season to another one I visit these rooms. In fact I prefer to order some pizza or sushi as not crazy about cooking.

The first floor is devoted to the bathroom, two bedrooms, dining room and a big library. To tell the truth, I am a book worm and spend a great deal of time reading among the dusty shelves with their unforgettable old books’ smell. The spirit of loneliness seems to stay in the library all the time and I never let my friends come in. This room is too private it’s a place to dream about future. Bathroom looks modern and is full of green colour. Blue dolphins are depicted on the ceiling and the walls. My bedroom differs from the rest of the rooms for it is done in the space style. Solar system’s model dominates over other objects in the room. It is under the ceiling. The room’s tints include blue, grey and black. To my mind, it is useful for relaxing. Guests’ bedroom is of violet colour with some purple tints and purple curtains. For those people who are fond of the friendly atmosphere my dining room would seem to be unexpectedly light and bright. Everything is of red and white colour except the carpet. This object reflects the visitors’ steps and represents a large mirror without a frame. There are some flower pots on the windowsills and the table. I have put a big sofa in this room to have long conversations with my friends after the breakfast or dinner. There exists my grandmother’s wall clock that produces a nice melody every hour. I live apart from my parents and grandparents but they often stay at my house.

In conclusion I would like to underline that my house is a home because I have a rest here, can spend the time with my friends and books, enjoy the loneliness and nature, dream about my future life. Of course, it exists in my mind only but maybe one day I will come inside a big mansion with a rosy garden, old-fashioned gates and a sheepdog near and will find out that it is a house of my dream.

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